Building Kerala into a headquarters with India as the production & manpower hub, developing solutions for the World!

Talrop is developing various ecosystems ideal for Kerala's landscape: Education, IT, Startups, Tourism & Healthcare. The aim is to establish Kerala as the headquarters through these ecosystems. Recognising India's status as having the world's largest youth population and a vast geographically diverse area, Talrop's goal is to leverage India as a hub for manpower and production. By building Kerala into the headquarters and India into the manpower & production hub, Talrop is striving to develop solutions for the challenges the world faces.

  • Education Ecosystem

    Kerala is a state that enjoys beautiful weather year-round. Fully utilising this factor, Talrop aims to transform Kerala into a global education hub - welcoming students into a great climate conducive for learning. Talrop plans to bring in international universities and connect educational institutions through global facilities and technology. By leveraging innovative opportunities, Talrop is developing a vast centralised education ecosystem across Kerala.

  • IT Ecosystem

    Talrop is preparing Kerala to cater IT services to all 193 UN approved countries of the world by developing technology, infrastructure, and manpower - building an ecosystem that can generate maximum job opportunities for economic impact. This initiative aims to position Kerala as a global IT powerhouse, fostering innovation and collaboration across borders. Talrop's vision encompasses not only technological advancement but also a commitment to sustainable development and inclusive growth, aiming to transform Kerala into a pivotal hub for IT excellence and economic dynamism.

  • Startup Ecosystem

    Talrop is on a mission to encourage the next big global tech startup, like Amazon & Facebook, from Kerala by bringing a head office culture to the state. The goal is to build systems that nurture the creation of substantial technology startups while also training manpower - creating an ecosystem that is highly conducive for the success of big technology enterprises.

  • Tourism Ecosystem

    Kerala, lauded far and wide as God's Own Country for its exceptional natural beauty, boasts of unlimited opportunities for tourism. Talrop is working to make the most of the rich lay of land by connecting the world to Kerala. Building a network of popular and lesser-known attractions covering every part of Kerala, Talrop is building a tourism ecosystem that welcomes the world to the state.

  • Healthcare Ecosystem

    The objective is to enhance Kerala's appeal as a destination for medical tourism by offering affordable healthcare services featuring a wide range of services in doctors, healthcare professionals, clinics and hospitals to a global audience, encompassing a comprehensive range of treatments, from Allopathy, Homeopathy, Siddha, Naturopathy, Unani to the traditional Ayurvedic practices indigenous to Kerala, thereby establishing a holistic healthcare ecosystem.

Talrop is specially focusing on the Construction Ecosystem

For any nation, a critical component of development is the advancement of its infrastructure. It is imperative that infrastructure development is sustainable, blending seamlessly with the natural environment. Sustainability stands as the paramount factor, ensuring that construction practices do not harm the environment but rather complement the existing landscape. Utilising modern technology is essential in achieving these goals, allowing for building practices that are both innovative and environmentally safe. Talrop is at the forefront of championing such sustainable construction ecosystems, which are vital not only for their immediate environmental benefits but also as foundational support for the development of various other sectors.

Vision Tomorrow: Talrop is Developing Solutions for the World!


Kerala - Emerging as a Global Headquarters

The 15-year project aims to transform Kerala into a headquarters, a Silicon Valley model, by 2030.


India as the Manpower & Production Hub

Transforming India entirely to fully utilise the vast manpower resource of India - the country with the world’s largest youth population, & diverse land area to host multiple production hubs. A mission to turn the country into a hub of manpower & production.


Solutions for the World!

Connecting all 193 UN approved countries of the world through IT services, developing solutions for global challenges. Working to gain recognition as a truly innovative technology company catering effective solutions to the world’s needs.


A Strong Ecosystem For Every Major Industry

By focusing on the core ecosystems: Education, IT, Startups, Tourism, Healthcare & Construction, Talrop is creating a synergistic space ripe for development. The ongoing development and subsequent commercial boom will lead to the organic growth of other ecosystems.


140 Techies Parks

Techies Parks are technologically driven hubs that combine education, training, and ingenuity, operating on the industry-on-campus concept. Established in selected educational institutions across Kerala's 140 assembly constituencies, Talrop's Techies Parks serve as advanced platforms for technology, entrepreneurship, startup incubation, research and community development.

Talrop's 1064 Village Parks all over Kerala!

Talrop's 1064 Village Park across all Panchayats, Municipalities, and Corporations, laying the foundation for an extensive network that connects people and identifies technology talent.


Talrop's Startups & Businesses

Through the ecosystems developed by Talrop, numerous startups and businesses are being built across various industries.



Revolutionising technology education with a digital university platform.



Centralising IT services and connecting manpower & companies through an innovative technology platform.



Transforming the construction ecosystem with an AI-driven technology platform.


Wise Talkies

A masterclass edtech platform to learn sports, arts, entertainment, and more directly from field experts.



Elevating the gifting and shopping experience through an innovative e-commerce platform.



Building the future with a construction company focused on excellence.



Redefining real estate with Estarel, a visionary real estate company.



Nurturing innovation as a startup studio fostering diverse startups.



Uniting fashion and wellness in a dynamic company committed to well-being and style.



Pioneering the IT landscape with Zentapps, Talrop’s IT company.