Revolution through innovation
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Talrop aims at technological revolutions through implementation of highly innovative projects, thereby, updating people with changing trends in technology.

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Talrop focuses to develop the society through quality education and technological revolution. We, at Talrop, firmly believe in practical education and thus promotes its movements to build smart and self-sufficient individuals. We also reach out to society to create a financial stability through startups and business.


Talrop Ela

The E-learning Ark

Substituting books as gadgets, Talrop makes a remarkable entry with its E-learning platform where people can learn and grow with the current trends in the society. When it comes to education, what really matters is comfort and affordability. Talrop Ela provides its users with all aspects which matter to their progress, also a wide range of information and resources at their fingertips.



Talrop T-Fut

A non-profit community

T-fut is a non profit community from Talrop which focuses on real issues in education, technology and business with the goal to revolutionize the society. T-Fut is a community which focuses to conduct events in fields of education, technology, and business. Only campus students can become the member of T-Fut. T-Fut will provide 100% free training and workshops for the members.



Talrop Grolius

Our Young Engineers

A smart creative web and software development agency from little coders of school going students. Talrop Grolius is a creative and innovative web development firm aiming for a technology revolution in society. The young designers, developers and managers are forever committed to a hundred percent efficiency.



Talrop Innovations

An innovative mind can create unimaginable things possible. Talrop provides a platform for people to come, learn and discuss their ideas and make into reality through proper guidance and mentorship from Talrop. Our startups, and organizations promote innovations in every field we reach our hands. Also, young people can seemingly improve their career through Talrop.