With an initiative to develop the society, Talrop launches various projects under education, technology, and startups for village development and a technology revolution. To achieve this, Talrop strives forward with an objective of building 140 Techies Park with high-class infrastructure in each assembly constituency of Kerala. Each Techies Park will contain an education center, an IT company, and a business center.

Talrop Educations aims to provide high-quality education to young as well as older people in the society. Various courses have been designed under the education department for people from 3 years - 99 years of age. All these courses are designed by learning every person’s perspective to learn and grow in the society. Courses related to the day-to-day use of technology are specially designed for senior citizens in society for them to emerge as a smart citizen. Talrop intends to provide practical experience in all sections of education. Several skill-development programs are also carried out under the education department.

Talrop Technologies provides with all kinds of technical services and supports. It continues with an objective to form a world-class IT firm inside each Techies Park, which will provide high-quality technical services. It also encourages the freelancers' community building project with a motive to create job opportunities and hands-on experience to all the geeks for a better practice. An innovative idea of creating an IT firm of school going students is also a part of Talrop’s technology department.

Talrop reaches out its hands over marketing and consultancy where digital world marketing, promotion of a brand and creating demands for business in the market is of its objective. Also, consultancy refers to implementing a career-boosting platform for startup enthusiasts to make their ideas into reality. Talrop will provide them with proper mentorship, training as well as investments to execute their project successfully.

Talrop also makes an entry in trading with an online store for common people to make purchases of high-quality products, with door to door delivery services. Through trading, Talrop encourages ordinary people to start their own venture and help them enter into large-scale businesses. With the concept of providing satisfactory supports to the people, Talrop intends to launch a space where people can inquire about each and every service that Talrop provides.

Through this project, Talrop aims to expose every field such as tourism, medical, health, lifestyle into technology. Creating job opportunities and improving people's standard of living are also the main objective of Talrop.